To Sol A Thane

by Solstice

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endlagerinsight1717 I like to demo versions, And simply great kind of New Wave of Bristish Doom Metal! Ok, they been longer around been and hopefully will stay longer
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Zvezda1979 Awesome compositions, perfect sound, heavy & epic. Typical Solstice! Looking forward to the new album. Hail! Favorite track: To Sol A Thane (2016 Demo Version).
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Brandon A truly stunning release from the undisputed masters of Epic Doom, in advance of their forthcoming LP. Favorite track: For All Days, And For None (2016 Demo Version).
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Sonny92 A new Solstice release is a "stop whatever you're doing and listen" affair for me, so it's great to hear these three early versions of tracks from the upcoming White Horse Hill album. Epic doom from the one and only Rich Walker. Can't wait for the full LP. Favorite track: To Sol A Thane (2016 Demo Version).
Nate Webster
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Nate Webster Buy now or forever wallow in the miry depths of unmetalness! Hail Solstice!


Demo versions of tracks from the forthcoming "White Horse Hill" LP.


released June 21, 2016

Paul Kearns - Vocals
Rich Walker - Guitars
Andy Whittaker - Guitars
Ian Buxton - Bass
James Ashbey - War Drums

Recorded February - April 2016 at Vibrations Studio, Huddersfield, and GN Studio, Huddersfield

Mixed and mastered April 2016 by Richard Whittaker at FX, London


all rights reserved



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Track Name: To Sol A Thane (2016 Demo Version)
(Music – Walker / Lyrics – Kearns)

To sol a thane.
None so revered as the orchard keeper
Whilst his cargo sways heavily.
See now, he's forgotten.
Like all the mute ones when bellies fill.

See now as I spit only contempt for you
For all that weave only from second hand passions.
Mine is the heart that skips not a single beat for all your kind.
I am not your kin, I'm not your peer.
You that bear not a thought of your own making..

Ye in panic and ye in retreat
Ye who sing laments of sufferings not yet born.
Your minds collected are unfit to engage even one of ours.
Ye who roar surrender in unison
With yet even a whisper of carnage to be anointed.

The wolf with lamb's heart falls in shame.
Having died tasting no blood but his own, having died a coward.
Track Name: White Horse Hill (2016 Demo Version)
(Music – Walker / Lyrics – Kearns)

Barren lie our homes, our women.
Whilst our children fall ill.
Idle lie our men, our fields.
In the shadow of White Horse Hill.

This is how it was once
how it had been for the decades before
and maybe even centuries
Fields were tilled, then crops borne
Homes were built and families grew
Children nurtured until they bore their own.

Our vast fields ran further than any eye could hope to see
and their harvests left no table bare.
No matter the storm’s ferocity
or the how sharp the teeth of the coldest wind
none went without safety or warmth.

Just as our currency was truth
just as our courts let any man's mind be spoken
and for the longest of times
we never knew of any other way
Every man, woman and child here today
knows of love only through stories and tales
from those old enough to recall but it has long left us.

It is a fool’s gold that makes rich a man now
and your truth will buy you only the lonely walk
to our hungry gallows.
Few are the children born of love or family
their place taken by spawn of rape and of pillage.
The word of few is law, those fluent in lie and half-truth
theirs is a poetry of deceit.
Track Name: For All Days, And For None (2016 Demo Version)
(Music – Walker / Lyrics – Kearns)

It's only now I see distant ships fall to the horizon. What had been here most of my days will be here no more. All those things I could have said, in their place are all the things I never will say.

On the ocean and away with its water are you. On the ocean and away with the sails is something which I love so dearly. Both are together and gone.

It's the silence that fades fastest, like the stillness that comes when the water no longer holds trace of your leaving.

How would you ever know that you are loved when I never did speak of it and how would you ever, ever know when you are so far, far away.
From me. From love and from me.

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